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Funny Jokes That Are So Hilarious You’ll Actually Laugh

July 2, 2015




Hey! Did the corner of your lips just moved up towards your cheeks? And your cheeks went up and gathered in the skin around your eyes? I am sure it did! This is the beauty of jokes. They tend to bring SMILE on your face and reduce your stress level. They are the best stress busters!



Jokes are often light hearted intended to amuse the readers and listeners. Sometimes it is not the joke, but the way it is cracked that brings the smile on a listener’s face. So telling a joke is also an art and not everyone has mastery on it.




Do you remember when you first heard a joke? Even I do not remember except that it was sometime back in school days. Jokes were then only meant to provoke laughter, but now people often crack jokes on someone’s nationality, religion or other such sensitive issues and try making up saying they were just joking. There is a very fine line between making someone laugh and laughing at someone.




Jokes should always be meant to make someone laugh and to help them release tension not to demean anyone. Even a simple one liner joke can make you grin.


How bout you? What jokes have you found so hilarious that you can’t help but laugh while scratching your head off? Share it on the comment below.



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